We have a wealth of experience providing security and stewarding for exhibitions, concerts, sporting events, product launches, private parties and temporary commercial or leisure workplaces. We do not just provide 'guards on gates’; we have a clear understanding that our  Security Officers must be smart, articulate and fully briefed to handle any incidents or situations that may arise. Black Watch is also aware that we would be acting as ambassadors for your event, venue or company.
Event organisers can have full confidence with Black Watch Tactical on site, secure in the knowledge that we do more than just manage security. As an organiser of an event, you want to ensure that all paying or invited guests are kept safe and that the event is free from gatecrashers.
With High Visibility event shirts and jackets, along with radio communications, potential breaches and incidents can be passed over to our Response Teams with the correct authority to deal with the situation. Our Response Team is a hand-picked team of our most highly trained staff. They are always ready to respond to any situation safely and effectively without causing a fuss to other guests. Once a situation has been contained it is then passed to the relevant Emergency Services where appropriate.





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