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'Welcome to Black Watch Tactical'

A security provider with more than 100 years' front line experience in Military, Security & Risk Management that will find you the very best solution for your business.
With the face of security changing and the threat of terrorism from fanatical organisations directed at soft targets in Europe are your  employees safe?
Good management ensures that you are provided with the right type of security personnel of high calibre, who deliver the best security solutions for your needs, to establish and develop the most effective, highly flexible responsive unit to cover your risk on the ground & in the air  when you need it the most .
The first impression your Company requires is that of a smart well trained Security Officer with relevant knowledge of your business.
We are currently recruiting from the professional Services;  Police, Paramedics, Fire & Rescue, the British Armed Forces and we aim to succeed in training all new security officers to have a dual front line licence, be able to handle dogs, drive a response vehicle, hold an HGV licence and receive training in Taekwondo from a Fifth Degree Master.
Our Officers have been trained to  protect Government buildings, airports, power stations, fuel refineries; anywhere that you would need  high calibre security  protection that can be deployed  anywhere across the UK .

Our UAV security teams derive predominantly from ex-military and police backgrounds and have received their Remote Pilot Qualifications (RPQ) from leading Qualified Entity (NQE).

DAY Operations
 Using high definition optical zoom cameras, delivering up to 4K image quality at acute distances.

Night Operations
 Applying advanced FLIR thermal imaging technology, providing human detection range beyond visual line of sight.


Supporting Charities

We would like to thank our clients for their custom.  A percentage of your fees will go to the charity 'Guide Dogs for the Blind' which we support and for whom we sponsor the training of guide dog puppies.
Thank You
Black Watch Tactical Limited currently holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding & Key Holding