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YOU can now apply for Commercial Finance on all  Training  courses & pay over the next 24 to 36 months.

Training just two to five days a week, obtain an SIA licence which is included in the price of your course.

Courses include Front Line Licence  Security Officer, CCTV, Door Supervisor, Close  Protection,  Awereness & Tactical driving, Chauffeur Training, HGV,  Dog handling, Spectator Safety,  IOSH  Managing Safely, Scuba Diving  & Self  DefenceTaekwondo Martial arts from 5th Dan Paul O Brien teaching Krav Maga Un Armed  Training & First Aid, 


Four to seven days, training in Europe. You have the choice of using hand guns on the four days training or hand guns and semi automatics plus a licence over the seven day course. Cost is up to £1,500.00.

Simply register your details; we charge a admin fee for this service. Over the next one to ten weeks, we will take you through your SIA training course.

We are currently recruiting from the professional services: Police, Paramedic, Fire Rescue,  Armed Forces and  those who are  Self Defence trained.

Our goal is to provide a smart well trained Tactical Officer for the security industry trained to protect Government Buildings, Airports, power stations, fuel refineries,  anywhere that you would  need high calibre  security protection that can be deployed  anywhere across the UK.



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    Designer Courses & SIA Training with Licence 
Commercial Finance
 Standard SIA Training Course                 Commercial Finance
                                                                                                                                                    SIA Training  & Licence
 Duel badge                                                                    
response TAT                                                                                                                dog handlers
Close Protection    
Door Supervisor         £225.00                              £950.00
CCTV                                £225.00                               £950.00
Security Officer          £195.00                               £950.00
Up Skills                           £125.00

Spectator Safety

IOSH Manging