SIA Training Courses
CCTV, Door Supervisor, Close Protection

We are now training ex-forces and emergency services for the Security Industry.

BWT will charge a management fee for our services which includes your SIA Licence.

This will give you access to events and Job oppertunities posted on our web site.







The Door Supervisor Training Course is required to obtain your SIA Door Supervisor Licence. This allows you to work in the private security industry as a Door Supervisor or Security Officer. with a front line licence.

This course is a legal requirement to obtain the SIA CCTV Licence which enables you to work as a CCTV operator. CCTV Operators usually work in a control room which is connected to a wide array of camera footage with a front line licence.
Obtaining a Close Protection qualification is the first step towards obtaining your SIA Licence to work as a Close Protection Officer (CPO). If you are looking to work a bodyguard, this is the right course for you.   

 Bolt on Courses

     Tactical Driving

     Dog Handeling

  Chauffeur Training

BWT  Evasive and Defensive Driving (EDD) course provides a wide range of advanced driving skills, delivered effectively and safely by highly experienced former police and military instructors. In a number of fast moving and challenging scenarios and conditions, we teach our students how to:


.Level 2 Fundamentals of Chauffeuring

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NASDU (Level 2) Dog Handler Course Details

This course covers the basic skills and knowledge required to work as a General Purpose Security Dog Handler.



Fire Marshall Course 

    Spectator Safety

Krav Maga
3 Day Basic, dealing with the most common attacks and a 2 Day Advance Knife defence.


You don’t require an SIA Licence to work in the Events industry but you do require a Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Spectator Safety (QCF). This is a qualification for individuals working as Stewards at spectator events, such as sports events, music events and festivals.


Current Legislation; The Regulatory (Fire Safety) Reform Order 2005, applies to all workplaces regardless of the number of employees and requires employers to provide adequate training in fire awareness for all members of their staff. In Scotland, requirements on general fire safety are covered in Part 3 of the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005, supported by the Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006


Training just two to five days a week, obtain an SIA licence which is included in the price of your course.

Courses include Front Line Licence  Security Officer, CCTV, Door Supervisor, Close  Protection,  Awereness & Tactical driving, Chauffeur Training, HGV,  Dog handling, Spectator Safety,  IOSH  Managing Safely, Scuba Diving  & Self   Krav Maga Un Armed  Training, Fire Marshall & First Aid, 

Four to seven days, training in Europe. You have the choice of using hand guns on the four days training or hand guns and semi automatics plus a licence over the seven day course. Cost is up to £1,500.00.

Simply register your details; we charge a admin fee for this service. Over the next one to ten weeks, we will take you through your SIA training course.

We are currently recruiting from the professional services: Police, Paramedic, Fire Rescue,  Armed Forces and  those who are  Self Defence trained.

Our goal is to provide a smart well trained Tactical Officer for the security industry trained to protect Government Buildings, Airports, power stations, fuel refineries,  anywhere that you would  need  high calibre  security protection that can be deployed  anywhere across the UK.


Emergency First Aid

(Formally Appointed Person)  Basic Emergency First Aid for industry and businesses. Training of this type is a legal requirement for many small or low risk UK companies. Also relevant as a schools' First Aid course.
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Door Superviser  Course.                                          £350.00      

CCTV Course                                                                    £350.00

Close Protection                                                         £1,500.00

Bolt On Courses

Tactical Driving                                                                £550.00

Self Defence Training                                                   £250.00

Spector Safety NVQ L2                                               £550.00

Fire Marshall                                                                        £99.00

Emergency First Aid                                                        £99.00

Fire Arms  7 days  plus licence                            £1,500.00